BWL – British Masters Championships & British Open 2023 – Blue Platform Only



Photo package
A photo package that includes all of the best photos from all of your lifts (40-50 photos).

Stop motion video
A video made from every photograph of all of your lifts arranged to animate your photos into a great-looking video. (Example below)

Feel free to add some details in the notes section (Hair colour, clothing colour, etc.) that will help me to identify you.
A question form will also be send out following the event that will help identify you.

I will aim to send you a downloadable link within 7-14 days after the event.



Stop motion video example:


Due to the amount fo competitors and photos taken it you will not be able to see your photos or videos before purchase.
All purchases are final, refunds will not be available.

Photos and videos will be stored for up to 4 months after the event. After this time it cannont be guaranteed that we will stilll have copies of your lifts available for you to purchase.


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