What makes a man?

Phil Ward

Integrated Designer

Hey, I'm Phil, an integrated desigenr with 10 years of experience. I pride myself on being able to find solutions when problems arise. I am adaptable, work well across different channels and have been part of large and small teams, working on a variety of projects. My range of experience and love for creative problem solving means I’ll never say that something can’t be done - it’s just a case of figuring it out.

I’m a fitness enthusiast involved in CrossFit, cycling, hiking, swimming and anything else that I can better myself at. I’ve also been heavily involved in music for most of my life from my early teens throughout my adult life.

I've played guitar in a number bands, toured the UK for many years and I’m an avid collector of music artwork and prints, vinyl records and even the odd tour programme or two.

Longest walk

30 miles

Records in collection


Favourite band


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